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Newb looking in (guide to get gear and gold quick)(a little bit on once your bored)



So I've been playing for approx 1 or 2 weeks now. I've got my characters up to a respectable level with gear and weapons. Also have a donor characters.

I thought I'd make a guide outside of the normal to assist players on how to gear up and make plenty of gold or are bored.

Character choice

There is a couple of OP characters within this realm and should be one of the first characters to build upon to get a good feel for the game:


OP due to massive arcane blasts. Spamming this spell can reduce mobs and bosses to quivering piles of goo in no time. The one problem I have had with them is their is no dodge or parry maxed out, so constant blinks and freezes is the game. Mages (I have found) are awesome for PvP.

Generally get 500 - 1.5m out of an arcane blast - so mash away to hearts content with a 0.0016 recast.


OP due to high dps, titans grip and can parry most attacks. Not my favorite character so I don't play too much; however I have seen awesome warriors out there. I'll leave it to other to comment or elaborate below.

Usual massing your skills here - no single spell or skill that I have seen do high damage with low recasts. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


Paladins on this servers are pretty OP in the sense that you can spam a spell (exorcism) whilst still doing some pretty decent dps with a 2h wep. Dodge is pretty easy to max out and heals will easily cover any you get hit with. This makes it extremely easy for soloing DW or forest gear

Generally get around 500 - 1m out of an exorcism with a 0.0012 recast.

I haven't played a rogue yet - so please someone comment below.

Starting out

So starting out, make sure you get your starter bloodthirsty gear and get all the custom quests you can. For a starter weapon I would recommend a 2h from starter vendors. Then off to AH to see if there is any forest gear or vamp gear that you can buy with your starter gold (you never know and it will make getting started all the more easy). From there we are off to get your vampire gear at the Rampant. Spend about 30mins here looking for your gear - you should be able to get most pieces no matter what class you are.

From there, we are off the Halls of Lightning to get forest gear. At this stage it's still going to take a little while to kill a mob so be patient. Make sure you loot everything here no matter what as we are going to use it later. I would generally spend about an hour here first up just to get a few pieces of forest gear.

Once you have a piece or two for your char and five or six for other classes, head back to AH and set up the forest piece. Check the average price for the piece you are selling before putting it on. I usually sell pieces for 2000 gold.

Now it's time to start doing your weapons quests or getting someone to run you through DW. Easy quests for trinkets which you'll use for ages.

Other ways to get forest gear easy it farming gold from old raids. Mobs still drop a fair bit of gold and you can make 10k pretty easily.

Points to note for starting out

1. Don't take off your tabard, thats why your super fast

2. Spamming requests for help or gear or gold or anything will not get you anywhere.

3. AH is your biggest friend for making gold - sell everything!

4. Make sure you do your weapons quest.

5. Vote from the very start - you'll need over 20 VT to get anything good.

Once your bored...

I have found that you can get bored pretty easily. Once you have done most of the quests and soloed DW 50 or 60 times. So here is a few things I've done to keep me entertained.

1. Farmed glowcaps to get the best non-donor gear. This sucked, but the pay-off is pretty good. The glowcap armour is nice but the glowcaps take forever to drop.

2. Tried to get a cool title - check your achievement page to look for a good title.

3. Farmed lovetokens in DW - not only was I killing DW, I kept getting lovetokens for the second best armour.

4. Did that hard ass weapons quest - which honestly, I could have voted for the points it takes to get a better weapon in the time it took to finish this quest.

5. Write in the forums. I've done this while the server was down.

Anyways, like I said in the title - this is just a newb looking in after a week or two playing. I hope someone finds this helpful. If I got any information wrong, please correct me below. If you dis-agree, either comment below, add to my comments or blow it out you..... well you get it.

Cheers for reading.


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