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Developer EZForm error



I think this is an error, but I might be wrong,

When I apply for Dev I get this message from deleted member

Deleted Member

Sent 02 December 2011 - 10:37 PM


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Hi brakmage,

This is to confirm that your response to the form entitled
has been received and we will review it shortly! A copy of your submission for your records is attached below.




Name - What is your name?Dan KochLocation - Where in the world are you located?USA, New YorkTimezone - What time zone are you located in?ESTAge - Please enter your date of birth1998 (Yes I know, young but I am suprisingly intelligent and good at problem solvingTime as developer - How long have you been a developer for?I started programming a couple years agoCoding languages - What coding languages do you have experience with?Some experience with java/c++Most experienced - Which language would you say you are the most experienced with?JavaWoW Emulators - Have you developed for WoW emulators before?YesIf so, what did you do? - Scripting, core modifications, database development, etcI have an un-compiled Trinity core and I can edit how the bosses work and other things inside the .cpp filesWhich emulators have you worked with? - Please state all you have experience withTrinity (I have compiled ArcEmu but not edited it)4.x - Have you worked on 4.x emulators before?YesName some things you would be able to do for this server - Please state all areas you could work onWork with the custom gear/make some gear dependiong on the database, gear template and things.About -Tell us some general background of what you've done and about yourself.I have made a little game in java where you shoot zombies and rank up... (2D) I made a program in c++ where you enter a number and it prints all the prime numbers in between that number and 2.I am trying to learn more about c++ everyday.Interest - What interests you most about the developer position?Helping this server gain popularity through improvement, if I can figure out the cause, help with lag spikes.Suggestion - If you were going to submit a suggestion for us, what would it be?Group the sets of gear in to actual sets for each class so you can tell what pieces you need at a glance.Suggestion achievment - Whatever the above suggestion was, would you be able to help us accomplish that? Yes

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