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Screamer - Bugs


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Here is a list of Bugs so far that me / a friend have noticed

My Experiences


Mages can learn Ignite talent "Talent points removed when you press learn"

Sometimes you can't duel, flag doesnt appear "Log out, then back in to fix"

Damage does not line up with how much health, things hitting for like 500 when the health is like 90k

Mana Spring Totem doesnt seem to work

mana tide totem doesnt seem to work

What other player say


Warlock damage weak

mana tap gives full mana

[Drain Life] doesnt work right

[Fel Armor] doesnt heal

You dont get cata soul shards, you get WOTLK shards

Except from [soul Harvest]

[Demonic Circle: Teleport] Doesnt work

Can't Learn Fel Flame

Sanctified Wrath and divine purpose don't work

Sanctity of Battle doesnt work

Seal of Insight doesnt heal much

Divine Strom doesnt heal

Low damage Templars Verdict

No damage boost from Avenging Wrath

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