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Hello guys, I just wanna suggest a cool new feature I was browsing on the vote lists and what really caught my eye was a server, I forgot what it was called but yet it had " OBSTACLE COURSES ". Its a PVS challenge ( Player Versus Self ). Its simple. Such as the stair events we have occasionally. Simple, get a DGM ( Design Game Master ) . That will help improve the server and also what he may do is add custom objects and things ( such as a stair event ), . Basically, how the other server and how I watched the video of the new introducing was.

The DGM made a course of objects (like our stair event). There was different levels of ones. Easy- Hard- Expert- Extreme. Obviously, they should get VERY harder each time. And place a vendor at the end of the course with a token. And with that token you may buy something( Something cool I'd suggest) , Adding a Obstacle Course Vendor in Malls. You may buy something with the token such as a mount, RP gear, or even an item, or a silly hat! Whatever it may be if you guys choose. I think this is the next level to promoting our Private Server to become one of the best. What we always dreamed of. Thank you for reading, hit me up in-game with any POSITIVE feedback -_- Peace broski's - Also I will add a video of what I'm talking about, near the subject of, this was my old private server before I met you guys :D <3!!

Click on the link, it says Hard , looks like it doesn't it? :D. ENJOY!!

http://www.youtube.c...h?v=cPaxwk_HUEc <---- VIDEO LINK THERE CLICKEY!

BADASS ^^^^^^^^^


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"seems to me one just has to master the obstacle course and they will win every time until they get what they want.. just like stairs event already. doesnt seem like a good idea to me".

Well first. That could be possible but not that many people do that.. and IF YOU WERE to do that, it was only be on the easy obstacle courses which have Not so great rewards.. and the hard ones can't be mastered ... your brain doesn't work that way. That's why their obstacles, every time is different depending on , how tired you are, are you hungry, is your wrist hurt, etc.. but still. Great idea for me. But I'm glad we have your disapproval.

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Not to down your idea but you wouldnt become a editor/developer just because you can make event's.

Yes, I understand. I wouldn't want to become a full Editor/Developer just because I can/would. Is there a mini-version of a Editor or Developer? All I was hoping for or to get someone to actually do what I'm talking about doing while I direct them. All I would want to actually do is add tables, etc and vendors for the end, and decorations. That's basically it and yes I bet brakmage, I don't know much of anything of C++. Lol, but anyways. Would be very interesting just for the obstacle courses to exist!

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