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System updates March 7 2014


The server cores were updated to include the following changes/fixes:

  • Creatures that drop custom currencies such as IceGold or Magic Gold will now correctly send it to the player who is entitled to the loot, not the player who dealt the final hit to him.
  • Custom currency loot drops now support rewarding groups as well as individual players. This has not been activated on any mobs or bosses yet, but will be soon.
  • IceCold AntiCamp warnings no longer reset after a ban.
  • AntiCamp will kick you as a punishment for your first 3 offenses. Further offenses will incur account suspensions, and the more previous offenses you have, the longer the suspension.
  • When AntiCamp detects that you are one kill away from incurring a punishment, it will immediately interrupt your spells, AoEs and attacks, and warn you in your chat. This will prevent accidental triggers, as well as help prevent other players tricking you into being punished.
  • AntiCamp is no longer active in Battlegrounds
  • The servers are no longer erasing old characters not used in over 250 days.

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