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Launcher updated for 4.3.2


The IceCold Launcher has been updated to include a 4.3.2 work-around. HOWEVER...

It's quite an unstable fix and you may experience gameplay issues in some areas. If you did not update to 4.3.2 yet, please still do not do it.

Because of this workaround's current instability, no support will be given for WoW Errors relating to the 4.3.2 patch. It's quite hit-and-miss and "just doesn't work" for some.

----- Failed to read file DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc error -----

If you get this, please disable all firewalls on your PC and router, and try the launcher again. Or you can whitelist the launcher and "IceCold.exe" if you know how. If it still happens even after disabling firewalls, there is nothing more we can suggest. Try the forums/other server forums/etc or do your own experiments and report what you find to others.

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