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Authenticator System Reminder


IceCold-WoW has a fully-featured Authenticator system to increase the security on your account. If you have an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or Blackberry, you can use this system. It's very easy to setup:

1) Go to your "Game Panel -> Security & Login" on the website: http://www.icecold-wow.com/armory/gamepanel/security/

2) Under the Google Two Step Authenticator section, Tick the Enable box.

3) Download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone

Android: Here

iOS: Here

Windows Phone: Here

4) Using the app, scan the QR code on the Security page, or manually enter the Secret Code.

5) The app can now generate authenticator codes. Enter a generated code into the box at the bottom and click Save Changes.



  • Once you activate the authenticator, you can no longer view the Secret Code until the authenticator is disabled.
  • Activating the authenticator logs you out of all realms.
  • You cannot deactivate the authenticator without entering an authentication code.
  • The authenticator codes are enforced on both the website and game login.
  • The game login will ask for an authenticator code once every 7 days, unless a different IP address attempts to log in, which prompts for a code immediately.
  • The website allows you to choose to remember the authentication for 7 days, or ask every time.

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