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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I have asked for a example of gear from jordan (sorry mate i have to). here is a link : http://prnt.sc/cw1ez8 now, the intention is to have a blizzlike gear system. but in my opinion this is not a good idea. and for other people to pitch in their idea's. The reason why it's not a good idea is because there are millions of the same kind of content. and if this is also gonna be 1 of those people will not join. for the simple reason that there is no reason. why would they? they have the gear there that they already farmed for. why join this one to start over? also, alot of players such as myself love custom gear. it does not have to be insane. but a balance. ice reaper was a good server it just made vip gear to dominant. so players like holydk took advantage of that to kill the server. (he doesn't care but w/e). These numbers on the gear are not special. its just very much like retail. and speaking for myself i don't want that. there should be custom stats on the gear. like for example : strat gear (chest) : 400 int / 600 stam have like 200 master /or haste whatever. next tier like 650 int 850 stamina with the additional stats. yes it is still kind of the same. but there should be a gap on the tiers. i mean look at stratholme/utgarde keep. the gap is extreme low. and even with max t8 gear you would never be able to do worldbosses. what is your opinion about this?
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