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  1. server on?


    1. T3sT3rer


      4.3.4 work? pls pm me

  2. Corbeanious

    Old IceCold

    The only thing we have an old backup of is the world data (items, creatures, etc..) It's also for an older patch, which simply would not work with the systems we have in place now. I would have to go through everything and make it work with 4.3, it's the only option we have if people want to see old Reaper again.
  3. Corbeanious

    Old IceCold

    I can see IceCold as a whole making a comeback in 2019. With the Legion server, changes to how some things work on Eternian, and possibly a legacy Reaper realm. We will be in a much better state than we are now. We have a lot of work to do, but I am excited to see how things turn out.
  4. Corbeanious

    Old IceCold

    We'll see what happens, I can't promise we'll be opening another cataclysm realm anytime soon. I do have the data required to make it happen so it's definitely something we're able to do. I can't just push a button and make it come back, we would have to upgrade and rebuild the realm (using old 4.0.6 data) and that's a very slow and tedious process, as some of you probably saw with Eternian's upgrade. Again I can't promise anything. I know a lot of you liked playing there, I'm going to pin this, let's keep the discussion going.
  5. Corbeanious

    Dire Beast

    Summons a powerful wild beast to attack your target for 8 sec
  6. Corbeanious

    Furious Charge

    Charege also increases the healing from your next Bloodthirst by 300%
  7. Corbeanious

    Colossus Smash

    Smashes the enemy's armor, dealing 68,867 Physical damage, and increasing damage you deal to them by 39% for 8 sec.
  8. I am in on the server now but need to talk to you!

  9. Corbeanious

    is eternian dead?

    Late but people should at least get an answer from us. No, but as you probably know better than most people, it's very hard and time consuming for one person to do most of the work on one realm. I have a million things to do on that realm, and we also have work to do on legion, but no, I'm nowhere near stopping work on Eternian, I wouldn't call it dead. Locking this, let's make a new one if this topic is ever in need of discussion in the future.
  10. Corbeanious

    Old IceCold

    "Old" Icecold had died off, we upgraded realms and revamped Reaper to 4.3.4 in an attempt to bring players back, which as you guessed did not go as we hoped it would. We have little staff at the moment, those that are able to do anything are......believe it or not...doing work on our development servers. The old website did not support newer patches like 4.3, and definitely would not support our custom legion project. I would love to bring the old Reaper back. However, due to lack of player interest I don't think that's something we can do right now. Even if we did bring the old realm back, I don't think it would be able to pull the same amount of player numbers, again due to lack of player interest in the realm during it's final months. It has been thought about in the past, I decided not to go through with it as no one seemed interested. If we have enough player support and interest in bringing old Reaper back, I would consider looking into it another time after our current project is released.
  11. Corbeanious

    [Updates] Ice-Eternian Changelog

    Update 06/05/18 Depths of Hell updates.. Puzzle Ring drop chance increased to 25% All bosses now have a chance to drop a random DoH weapon. Empowered Souls will only drop if you have the DoH quest accepted.
  12. Corbeanious

    [Updates] Ice-Eternian Changelog

    Update 21/04/18 Mana Tombs has been released. World bosses now have a chance to drop trinkets. Fixed the Currency Exchange and Transmog Vendors.
  13. Corbeanious

    Mastery: Elusive Brawler

    Each time you are hit by a melee attack, or hit with Blackout Strike or Breath of Fire, you gain stacking 8% increased Dodge chance until your next successful Dodge. Also increases your attack power by 8%.
  14. Corbeanious

    Whirling Dragon Punch

    Performs a devastating whirling upward strike, dealing [3 * (506.3% of Attack power)] damage to all nearby enemies. Only usable while Fists of Fury and Rising Sun Kick are on cooldown.
  15. Corbeanious

    Chi Orbit

    Every 5 sec, an orb of energy forms, and rotates around you until it impacts an enemy, dealing (172% of Attack power) damage to all nearby enemies. Maximum 4 orbs.

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