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  1. If you have multiple accounts, we're now allowing you to merge them together.

    This will move all your game accounts under one Ice Account. When logging into the game, you will see a Game Account list to choose from.

    Simply create an admin ticket requesting a merge. The ticket must include the email of both accounts, as well as any proof you have that you own both accounts. Merge requests may be denied if we're not convinced the submitter owns all involved accounts.

  2. As you may have seen, we recently fixed an enormous amount of class bugs. But we're not finished yet!

    We rely on your reports to find and fix bugs on our realms, and we'd like to show our appreciation with bug bounties. What does it mean? Put simply, if you find and report important bugs to us, we'll reward your account with credit that you can use on the store!

    The amount rewarded depends on the severity and impact of the bug reported. For example, reporting a very serious exploit that gives players an unfair advantage could reward up to €100 store credit!

    Report bugs here: http://www.icecold-wow.com/bug_tracker/project-fire/

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  3. ZgqaEqB.png

    Reaper and Hyjal have been updated to IceCore 3.2!
    Below is a list of fixes and improvements in the new version.
    Notable changes are massive improvements to class functionality, cross-realm whispers and channels, and account VIP status and mount improvements.

    Death Knight

    • Fixed Dark Simulacrum
    • Fixed Dark Transformation not being usable after gaining 5 stacks of Shadow Infusion
    • Fixed Ghoul not always spawning with full Energy
    • Fixed Vengeance passive
    • Fixed Death Runes converting back to their original after teleporting
    • Fixed Death Runes converting back to their original immediately after being spent
    • Fixed Rune regeneration on Ice-Hyjal
    • Blood Shield mastery now stacks correctly and is capped at 100% of the Death Knight's health
    • Fixed Dancing Rune Weapon


    • Fixed Flame Orb
    • Fixed talent Hot Streak buff not being consumed after use
    • Fixed Improved Hotstreak
    • Fixed Mirror Image
    • Fixed talent Reactive Barrier not triggering
    • Fixed Frostfire Orb
    • Fixed Piercing Chill not applying chill to additional targets
    • Fixed Arcane Missiles
    • Fingers of Frost charge dropping is more reliable
    • Fixed Ring of Frost moving after being placed
    • Fixed Frostfire Bolt stacking a movement debuff
    • Fixed Glyph of Frostfire
    • Fixed talent Early Frost not deactivating for 15 seconds
    • Fixed talent Invocation proccing on non-interrupt actions
    • Fixed talent Impact
    • Fixed talent Cauterize
    • Fixed talent Focus Magic
    • Fixed talent Combustion


    • Fixed Evangelism not proccing
    • Fixed Archangel
    • Fixed Inner Focus buff not being consumed on use
    • Fixed Power Word: Barrier and Glyph of Power Word Barrier
    • Fixed Surge of Light buff not being consumed on use
    • Fixed Lightwell display model
    • Fixed talent Spirit of Redemption
    • Fixed Chakra and all its states
    • Fixed Revelations
    • Fixed Divine Hymn healing far more than intended
    • Fixed talent Atonement
    • Fixed talent Strength of Soul
    • Fixed talent Grace
    • Fixed talent Shadowy Apparition
    • Fixed Power Word: Shield calculations so the tooltip is now accurate
    • Fixed all Shadow Orb mechanics
    • Fixed the cap on Divine Aegis to 40% of maximum health
    • Fixed Shield Discipline (Discipline mastery)
    • Fixed Echo of Light (Holy mastery)
    • Fixed Shadow Orb Power (Shadow mastery)


    • Fixed talent Fulmination
    • Fixed Healing Rain
    • Fixed Elemental Overload (Elemental mastery)
    • Fixed talent Searing Flames


    • Fixed Dark Intent
    • Fixed Drain Life not healing the Warlock
    • Fixed talent Death's Embrace
    • Fixed Demon Soul - Voidwalker
    • Fixed Demon Soul - Succubus
    • Fixed Demon Soul - Felguard
    • Fixed Health Funnel doing far more healing than intended
    • Fixed Soulburn effect for Searing Pain, Demonic Circle, Healthstone
    • Fixed talent Improved Searing Pain
    • Fixed Soul Harvest not generating Soul Shards


    • Fixed Force of Nature spawning 1 treant instead of 3
    • Fixed Fury of Stormrage buff not being consumed on use
    • Fixed Nature's Ward not triggering below 50% health
    • Fixed Vengeance passive
    • Fixed Wild Mushroom
    • Fixed Wild Mushroom: Detonate
    • Fixed talent Fungal Growth
    • Fixed Savage Defense
    • Fixed Savage Defender (Feral tank mastery)
    • Fixed Harmony (Restoration mastery)


    • Fixed Charge not stunning the target
    • Fixed talent Blitz not stunning two additional targets
    • Improved Hamstring now only procs on re-applications, and its cooldown is also corrected
    • Fixed talent Juggernaut not making Charge and Intercept share a cooldown
    • Fixed talent Heroic Fury not resetting the cooldown of Intercept
    • Fixed Battle Shout and Commanding Shout incorrectly stacking
    • Fixed Victory Rush not consuming the buff when used
    • Fixed talent Executioner not triggering when Execute is used
    • Fixed talent Blood and Thunder
    • Fixed Gag Order not working with Pummel
    • Fixed Thunderstruck incorrectly granting multiple stacks if your Thunder Clap hit multiple targets
    • Fixed Vengeance passive
    • Fixed talent Rude Interruption proccing on non-interrupts
    • Fixed talent Blood Craze
    • Fixed Strikes of Opportunity (Arms mastery)


    • Fixed Holy Power decay starting at random times after leaving combat. Decay now only starts after 10 seconds.
    • Fixed Guardian of Ancient Kings for all specs
    • Fixed Beacon of Light
    • Fixed Holy Wrath and Glyph of Holy Wrath
    • Fixed Holy Power not all being consumed when a Holy Power spell is used
    • Fixed Inquisition
    • Fixed talent Tower of Radiance
    • Fixed Holy Radiance HoT effect
    • Fixed talent Speed of Light
    • Fixed talent Long Arm of the Law
    • Fixed Divine Storm granting holy power even when less than 4 targets were hit
    • Fixed talent Sacred Shield
    • Fixed talent Sanctified Wrath
    • Fixed talent Divine Purpose
    • Fixed Judgement damage not being increased by Censure on the target
    • Fixed Seal of Justice not always proccing
    • Fixed talent Vindication not always proccing
    • Fixed Word of Glory scaling from Holy Power
    • Fixed talent Guarded by the Light
    • Fixed talent Selfless Healer
    • Fixed Glyph of Long Word
    • Fixed talent Eternal Glory
    • Fixed talent Ardent Defender
    • Fixed talent Sacred Duty not proccing from Judgement
    • Fixed Vengeance passive
    • Fixed Illuminated Healing (Holy mastery)
    • Fixed Hand of Light (Retribution mastery)


    • Implemented Assist mode for pets, replacing Aggressive mode
    • Fixed Camouflage and Stealth
    • Fixed some healing spells incorrectly triggering the Daze effect of Aspect of the Cheetah
    • Fixed talent Improved Steady Shot
    • Fixed Marked for Death
    • Fixed talent Concussive Barrage
    • Fixed talent Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera
    • Fixed Kill Command
    • Fixed talent Improved Kill Command
    • Fixed talent Noxious Stings dispel effect
    • Fixed talent Cobra Strikes proc rate
    • Fixed talent Focus Fire
    • Fixed Frenzy proc rate and effect


    • Fixed Smoke Bomb
    • Fixed Gouge not incapacitating the target
    • Fixed talent Sanguinary Vein
    • Fixed Redirect
    • Fixed talent Blackjack
    • Fixed talent Deadly Momentum not refreshing Recuperate and Slice and Dice
    • Fixed talent Improved Expose Armor
    • Fixed Fan of Knives applying a Killing Spree effect to enemies
    • Fixed Preparation not resetting the cooldown of Shadowstep
    • Fixed Combat Readiness not expiring after a 10 second lapse in attacks
    • Fixed Vanish not keeping you in a high stealth state for 3 seconds
    • Fixed talent Waylay not proccing
    • Fixed Main Gauche (Combat mastery)


    • Fixed several cases of buffs of the same type stacking with each other
    • Fixed a bug that could cause many health restoration spells to heal far more than intended
    • Fixed a general issue where the client could sometimes display incorrect values for your secondary power (Mana/Rage/Focus/etc)
    • Fixed some minor undocumented proc consumptions
    • Fixed issues with corpses in instances, such as incorrectly seeing corpses from other instances, and corpses being lost in instances.
    • Fixed boss boundaries in Grim Batol
    • Fixed an issue that could cause some spells to not appear in your spell book after learning them as a talent
    • Tweaked calculations for attack power in shapeshift form
    • Fixed an issue where many NPCs had incorrect amounts of Mana
    • Improved the reset behavior of Council type bosses in instances
    • Fixed Armor Specializations properly
    • Implemented cross-realm whispers and a global cross-realm chat channel
    • VIP Status is now global, regardless of the realm you donated on
    • Improved Mastery handling
    • Improved Account-wide mounts. Faction-specific mounts will convert to their equivalent when you log into a character on the other faction
    • Fixed Master loot exploit
    • Fixed the incorrect 'Facing the wrong way' error when you're out of melee range

    Cross-Realm Chat

    It's now possible to talk to players on other realms!
    To whisper a player on another realm, simply type their name as "CharacterName-RealmName".
    For example, to whisper the player "Leeroy" on the Hyjal realm, you type "/w Leeroy-Hyjal".

    Also supported is a cross-realm global chat channel.
    It is not a default channel and therefore you must join it to make use of it. Simply type "/join Global" to join it.
    All realms can see all messages in this channel, but only players who joined it.

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  4. Sorry that we never clarified why it was shut down at the same time. It's because of the login system change.

    You log in with your email now, and it's using a completely different newer account system to handle that. That newer account system is not supported on the 4.0.6 software, only the newer 4.3 software.

    Therefore, for eternian to work at all on IceCold, upgrading it to 4.3 is necessary. That takes much time and resources, which are focused elsewhere right now

    -Fixed base melee attack power for all classes

    -Fixed Magic Suppression
    -Fixed Blood Boil not doing increased damage against diseases targets
    -Fixed death and decay damage handling
    -Fixed Death Coil healing amount
    -Death Pact now sacrifices the targeted minion instead of always random
    -Fixed Glyph of Dark Succor
    -Fixed Death Strike healing
    -Fixed Blood Death Knight Mastery
    -Fixed the rune regeneration part of Improved Blood Presence
    -Fixed the heal absorb debuff of Necrotic Strike
    -Fixed Glyph of Scourge Strike
    -Fixed the cooldown of Rune Tap not being reset by the Will of the Necropolis talent
    -Fixed Glyph of Resilient Grip
    -Fixed Mastery not having an effect on the shadow damage of Scourge Strike
    -Fixed Festering Strike not extending the duration of diseases
    -Fixed Chains of Ice
    -Fixed Glyph of Chains of Ice
    -Fixed Chilblains
    -Fixed Glyph of Pillar of Frost
    -Fixed Dark Transformation not removing stacks of shadow infusion
    -Fixed Glyph of Strangulate
    -Fixed Resilient Infection
    -Fixed Death's Advance

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Jansen said:

    Point #1 I have yet to see anybody even think about pvp. Everyone is too caught up in farming 342 ilevel gear to get into a dungen.

    Point #2 It would be more balanced. However 50% of the spells don't work.

    Both your points are short-term. Classes are still being actively repaired. Players will turn to PvP as the instances are finished farming. My post is about how much worse and harder to fix the current problems would be if the stats were higher.

  7. Oh boy, the gear topic again...

    This is something we've spent countless hours discussing and changing during development. For most of it, gear was much more like you described. Item levels began at about 400 and stretched to around 560. We shared your view about feeling that bit more custom.

    But then the consequences of doing that started showing. As we discovered, classes and their abilities were designed by Blizzard with maximum secondary stats in mind. Going beyond those maximums throws class balance out the window very fast. Scaling becomes insane on certain abilities, etc. It becomes a mess, and you don't even have to go very far over the maximums to start seeing it.

    It would be a massive clunky task to try and hack the classes back to some bit of normal balance after boosting all their stats. And still being a PvP mode server, the balance of classes is important to us. So instead of destroying that, we decided to just extend our custom items to the maximum allowed before scaling becomes an issue (ilvl 420).

    So yes, the blizzlike stats was not something in our original vision, but it became a compromise to stop a bigger problem. I hope that sheds some light on it.

  8. 16 hours ago, midian said:

    I have some real concerns to the so called not vip gear. Thanagor said in game that there will be no vip gear anymore its just the best farmed gear. To us vip's who have spent alot of money to only get the best farmed gear i think is unfair. We didnt spend money for farmed gear. I hope this will be better handled than what i saw in game about vip gear, being farmed gear. I hope this isnt the case on this...

    Tier 8 (which is the best gear) comes from the Firelands raid. This raid won't be available for several months. And even when it is, it requires full raid groups to attempt. So realistically if you have bought the higher sets, you do have better gear than the best available free gear for a long time.

  9. Hi,

    As we've said before, IceCold has switched to fully email-based login. To achieve this in the game, we are essentially hijacking and using its Battle.net system. This involves a couple of small patches on your client (which the Launcher handles for you).

    Unfortunately, we have so far been unsuccessful in getting this Battle.net patch to work on the OS X version of the game. This means that OS X is currently unsupported for IceCold-WoW.

    If you are an OS X user, you still have a couple of options available to play:

    1. Use the Boot Camp feature on OS X to install Windows on your Mac, without affecting OS X. This is the recommended method.
    2. Wine is an emulator that allows you to run Windows software on OS X. We have not tested this method, and results can vary widely. Advanced users only.

    We will continue to research ways to properly support OS X. We're very sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

  10. Hi all,
    We've just completed the bulk of moving character and guild information to Project Fire. As we have said in the past, Project Fire is a fresh start in nearly every way. Therefore a very limited amount of old data is moved. Here is what is carried over:

    • Basic character information such as name, race, class, appearance, play time
    • Basic guild information such as name, information, MOTD, emblem
    • Guild memberships
    • Friends lists
    • Vote Points

    Anything not in the above list will not be transferred.

    Note about guilds:
    Although guilds and guild member lists have been transferred, it has reset all guild rank and permission data. All members are on the default (Initiate) rank, and guild masters need to set up ranks and permissions again.

  11. A lot of maintenance needs to be done on the network while the servers are down, and converting old data takes time too. Not to mention all the tests we need to run. So there will be some bit of time between old Reaper shutting down, and new Reaper coming online.

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