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4.3.3 Launcher Updated


[uPDATE 29/02/2012]

Launcher now supports 4.3.3

We have re-updated our 4.3.3 launcher to work better on more game installs. It may still have some UI glitches and stuff like that, but nothing to stop you playing the game itself :)

To update, just open the Ice Launcher and it will ask you to update. Accept and let it update.


If you get Error #134 when starting the game, you need to download these two files:



Put them in your WoW 4.3.3 game folder and re-use the Ice Launcher

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when i log in and create a character and log on to my character it goes through the cinematic then it goes black then i click the windows button and all it comes up is the start menu and the taskbar and the rest is all black, whatcan i do? HELP! plz

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i have a problum with playing icecold DX i have installed and it lets me log in but when i log on it says plz close world of warcraft and install new patch DX and i dunno which patch its talking about plz help Dx

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