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    Having a party with Tent, Mila, MK and a weird bird.
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    Vip attack power

    Is there anyway that vip gear can get more attack power i see non vips with more attack power then a vip 7... im vip 6 and take forever to kill world bosses
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    Ice-Eternian Suggestion Thread

    Hey, I have 2 suggestions regarding the status of the shirt/tabard that drop from WBs. 1. Remove the non-vip Tabard of Frost / Shirt of Power. Remove the <VIP> designation of the current <VIP> Tabard of Frost / <VIP> Shirt of Power. Make both drop from DW and DL. I don't see a point in gating "non-vip" items. (95% of the population is VIP/has the status, so the non-vip variant is essentially useless). Add the shirt and tabard to Alexstrasza's loot table with a 25% drop chance for each. She is is difficult enough to justify the drop. OR 2. Change the Tabard of Frost / Shirt of Power to a reagent that drops from DW / DL / Alex to upgrade to an item better than the Tormented variants. (Similar to embroidery) The Ice Warden's tabards are currently useless because the Shirt of Power / Tabard of Frost offer both spell and melee stats, have more stats than Tormented, and are easier to obtain. As you said with the weapons, they technically shouldn't drop as items from world bosses since you basically skip the whole upgrade process.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to almost everybody from old icecold /new icecold, & to almost everyone on eternian. - dont drink and drive 2nite unless you're pro
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    Grim Batol Drop system

    Hi everyone. As you guys may know we are working on a new dungeon for the Eternian Realm. So we were looking to engage the players a bit by making a strawpoll. Thank you for taking your time.
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    Old Player saying Hello!

    Hello everyone! Karugan the paladin here. Not sure if alot of people remember me but i was active during 2012 - 2014 but was mostly active during 2013 I managed to find the Private Server once more and found alot of old memories to say the least and just wanted to say hello to anyone that still remembers me! 😛 Just for a reminder, I used to hang around Cecilli and if im not wrong Zeuss and Tuff :3 Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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    Realm information

    Being the realm Icecold started with, Reaper has had a long history. On October 15 2016, Reaper was re-launched. It is now an instant level 85 Cataclysm 4.3.4 realm with custom content on it. Among other things, here are some of the features on Reaper: - Custom quest lines and dailies - Custom scripted dungeons inc. a daily dungeon - Some dungeons offer N (solo) and HC (5 man) - Custom bag teleport system - Custom world bosses - Personal Loot systems - Max haste arena - Custom currencies - Custom Dalaran mall - Future custom scripted raids to be released As Reaper once was a max-haste realm some of our oldest players were disappointed when max-haste was removed from Reaper. In an attempt to keep even those players happy we created Hyjal; a copy of Reaper with increased haste. Basically this can be considered a "Fun-Copy" of Reaper. Classes will be less balanced but more OP. Among other things, here are some of the features on Hyjal: - Custom quest lines and dailies - Custom scripted dungeons inc. a daily dungeon - Some dungeons offer N (solo) and HC (5 man) - Custom bag teleport system - Custom world bosses - Personal Loot systems - Custom currencies - Custom Dalaran mall - Future custom scripted raids to be released Somewhere along the line Eternian joined Icecold-WoW. Once the remnants of the well known Eternion, the people involved rebuild Eternian to be as good or even better than Eternion ever was. Still with us and going strong, Eternian offers many unique things. Among those things: Fully customizable gear. Some other things that can be found on Eternian: - Custom quest lines and dailies - Custom bag teleport system - Custom world bosses - Personal Loot systems - Custom currencies - The ability to fully customize gear - Very high stats View full article
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    Old IceCold

    I'm in
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    [Updated] Ice-Eternian Custom Prices

    Customizing an item: €5 (Allowing 1 free displayID, name, and description change upon purchase) Customizing your whole gear set (Includes rings, trinkets, necklace, back): €30 (Allowing 1/slot free displayID, name, and description change upon purchase) After customization, the fee will not be needed for any stat adding in the future. When recustomizing or adding $5 or more of stats per item: changing the name, displayID, and description is included. Primary Stats (Strength, Agility, Intellect): €1 = 600 Secondary Stats (Stamina, Spell Power, Attack Power): €1 = 1200 Off Stats (Resilience, Resistance, Mastery, Spell Penetration): €1 = 100 Damage: €1 = 450 Haste: €1 = 120 Stat Swap [IMPORTANT: Only custom added stats can be swapped, stats that the armor came with can not be swapped]: €10 per stat Each additional stat swap of the same stat type: €2 Transfer (Allows you to change the weapon type, such as dagger to mace, of any custom weapons you have for free): €10 Transfer & 2x Stat Swaps: €20 - Stat swaps expire after 24 hours of purchase, you can not save a stat swap for a future occurrence. Faction Change: €7.00 Race Change: €5.00 Character Re-customization: €3.00 Full Talents: €50 Titan's Grip: €50 Meta Gem Socket: €5 Gem Socket (blue, red, yellow): €1 Adding a visual spell (A spell that only effects you visually): €10 Making a weapon 1 Handed/2 Handed: €10 Making a tabard into a shirt and vice versa: €10 Changing Weapon Speed (Anywhere from 1.00 - 3.00): €10 Changing Weapon Speed (To 4.00): €20 Changing Weapon Speed (To 5.00): €30 Extra VIP7 Weapons One Hand: €30 Two Hand: €60
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    So Long Ice!

    Gtfo m8
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    Latency problem

    It was the internet bandwidth. Thank's I have no Addon's if you're referring to the recount addon. But thank's For the help
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    Ice-Eternian Suggestion Thread

    Thanks for your suggestion! I've actually been thinking of ways we can increase our votes on the server to attract more players and we've got a few good ideas which are being discussed as we speak, and i'm also currently in contact with a youtuber which gets a fair amount of views per video... Hopefully something with that will happen soon. As for new content to keep new and existing players busy; after the admins are done with revamping our Reaper realm, we'll also be whipping up something tasty for our Eternian realm to keep the dedicated players busy!
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    Ice-Eternian Suggestion Thread

    I've played here for a long time now and the one thing I can say this server needs is players but I've never seen any type of advertisement, very little on YouTube about this server even when searched for directly.. and nothing up to date thats for sure.. theres a lot of potential in this server, and I think if just a little more effort went into advertising this server would be doing a lot better, at the rate this game goes its people come on farm for max gear then leave again because theres nothing to do after that.. in a pvp server theres 0 pvp going on because theres never enough people online..
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    I was considering making a video about IceCold-WoW to recruit more players, I've talked to Admin Maddox and he thought it was a good idea but he had to run it with the other admins. Haven't really gotten an answer by private reasons and I thought I'd just go through here.
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    Have you made the video yet?
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    Peep boi😍😍😍got knife in my back &bullet in ma brain
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    Ice-Eternian Suggestion Thread

    I like the idea of adding new and more content to keep us all busy, especially the idea of a quest chain.... and although it would take some time to put together, I think it’ll be great! Thanks for your suggestion @Nickey
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    Ice-Eternian Suggestion Thread

    I got a suggestion for a dungeon. 10 bosses with strong health and damage that drops set pieces for each class , the set should have some set bonuses, the bonuses is up to you Admins to decide if it should be very OP or not. But i think that it could be fun to have 1 dungeon like that. Also a quest chain that require serious amount of hours to reach a full and very good custom armor set. Upgrade the gear like 3-5 times.
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    Nice shot ! #MK's Anarchy
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    Laden Sie unseren Launcher hier herunter und Sie sollten sich mit dem Server verbinden können. https://www.icecold-wow.com/downloads/
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    Stand up

    Yo i jus wanna ask do any one play still Finna pop on soon b mayb b looking for ogs love u all
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    Stand up

    It'll take some time, but we'll get there.
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    daang I don't know if you remember me but I remember dueling you constantly on reaper before project fire lmao my pallies name was Aero or Dragneel, I had gotten my VIP 7 from buying Wraithy's character he was kinda known across the server if I remember right? Hope your doing well regardless, kinda attempting to get back into this at the moment haha.
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    Druid Class Revamp?

    I've tested druids, in and out, and I feel like something has to change? I have a good suggestion to bring them back to life and that would be by making Bleeds work with haste, just like caster DoTs. That would make druids actually very enjoyable to play, and a bit more viable.
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    Player's Name : Maddox Rule Broken : Abusing his powers What Happened : I asked a player "Do you know who Maddox is?" then he whispered "Are you intentionally being ****ing annoying?" And then he threatened me, saying he's going to ban me next time. But for what? Because I asked a simple question? Are you kidding me? This guy thinks he's the king of the world. Screenshots : (Required) https://prnt.sc/lkcufl https://prnt.sc/lkcuqx
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    The thing is though, what have I actually done wrong in the first place? As far as I can remember, two days ago I had an ongoing conversation with the player Imahater (you remember?). I told him to go to you if he had any problems and then you came up with "I will mute the living faeces out of you" out of nowhere. I were never unkind to you in any way before. Just disgusting. Ultimately, if you can't stand me, just put me on the ignore list and you'll never hear anything from me again. I promise you that.
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    I have warned you several times before, told you to stop. I then whisper you to resolve the issue and you tell me to take it to /s. I will bring this up for discussion and get back to you.
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    Introducing Bug Bounties

    As you may have seen, we recently fixed an enormous amount of class bugs. But we're not finished yet! We rely on your reports to find and fix bugs on our realms, and we'd like to show our appreciation with bug bounties. What does it mean? Put simply, if you find and report important bugs to us, we'll reward your account with credit that you can use on the store! The amount rewarded depends on the severity and impact of the bug reported. For example, reporting a very serious exploit that gives players an unfair advantage could reward up to €100 store credit! Report bugs here: http://www.icecold-wow.com/bug_tracker/project-fire/ View full article
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    Reclaim your gear now available

    Idk, you commented. I'm done with this, lobo answered me anyways.
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    Hey yalllszx

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    Latency problem

    Yes it was solved.
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    Latency problem

    Any clue what's going on here? I started playing icecold again yesterday on my vip 3 rogue it was working fine untill today I got on and my latency would stay at 200-400 ms. And if I get into any combat it kick's to 1000-2000 ms. It was steady 60-63ms yesterday and it was working perfectly fine. Only thing I had done is upgrade to vip 4.
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    I haven't got my Donator Gear yet.

    I'm not a Game Master, but have you by any chance clicked Receive Purchases in Icecold Teleporter ingame?
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    Latency problem

    Should have nothing to do with your game other than what you are doing in game. It is likely your IP or shared internet bandwidth in your home. Only stuff that really affects in game latency is combat action or having a lot of players in your screen.
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    Identify's Rogue PVP Guide

    What's up Icecold, I'm Identify, and i'm new to Icecold-WoW. In my years of playing WoW, I mainly played a rogue. Now that i'm here, I'd like to contribute a little to the server by making a rogue guide. I'll be talking about which spells to be used, my talents, tricks, keybindings etc. etc. Step 1: Talents In Icecold, I rather use sublety as in pvp, it's a great pvp and a fun spec. Really awesome to paly around. Here are my talents: Glyphs: Prime: Glyph of Backstab Useful for energy regen. Glyph of Shadow Dance Longer Shadow Dance is useful. Glyph of Hermorrhage Adds a bleed effect. Which does pretty much damage. Major: Glyph of Fan of Knives Longer range to get stealthers out. Glyph of Preparation Extra spells that get reset, really useful. (Dismantle, Kick, Smokebomb) Glyph of Garrote Longer silence effect. Minor: (These don't matter that much) Glyph of Poisons Glyph of Safe Fall Glyph of Distract Step 2: Spells Rogues have have instant damage spells, when you use them you build up combo points. Combo points go up to 5 and they are shown next to the target's potrait as blood droplets. With these combo points you can use specific spells which I will explain now. Stealth spells: Stealth: You are invisible to players and can walk around invisible, don't come too close (don't stand right next to him or on him) or else they'll see you Sap - Knocks someone unconscious, any damage will break this effect, you can use it up to 3 times on the same target within a specific amount of time. Each time the duration gets lowered. Garrote - Bleed effect that hits over time, it also silences the target. Good against casters. Cheap Shot - Stuns the target for 4 seconds. Premeditation - Adds 2 combo points on your target Ambush - Instant attack only useable in stealth ( Backstab does more damage ). Out of stealth spells (Non combo points): Shiv - Instant attack that cannot be dodged. Builds up 1 combo point. Hermorrhage - Instant attack that hits pretty much, use this as your combo builder. Fan of Knives - Our only All on Enemy damage. Mostly used to get stealthers out of stealth. Backstab - Instant attack that hits more than Hermorrhage. Only able to use behind the target. Use this when you know that you are 100% behind him. Kick - An interrupt for spell casters, kinda useless if you tell me because casters here have haste cap. Vanish - You vanish away and go into stealth. Great spell to get away Gouge - Incapacitates an enemy for 4 seconds, any damage breaks it. Target must be facing you. Preparation (With glyph) - Resets the cooldown of Sprint, Shadowstep, Vanish, Kick, Dismantle and Smoke Bomb. Distract - Turns the target around to the spot you've thrown the bomb. Also used in stealth. Blind - Blinds the target making him wander around for 10 seconds, great spell to get away from people. Any damage breaks the effect. Cloak of Shadows - Remove all damage over time spells besides bleed effects. Smoke Bomb - Throws a bomb to the grout creating a thick smoke cloud, enemies cant target you within or out of the smoke cloud. (DOESN'T WORK) Dismantle - Disarms the enemy removing all his weps for 10 seconds Shadow Dance (With Glyph) - Allows you to use stealth spells out of stealth for 8 seconds. Sprint - Increases your movement speed by 70% Combat Readiness - Adds damage reduction each time you get melee attacked. Each stack is 10% stacking up 5 times making it 50%. Combo Point Spells: Kidney Shot - Stuns the target. 1 combo points = 2 seconds. Goes up 1 second each combo point. Recuperate - Heals you over time. Each combo point makes it a longer duration. Eviscerate - Deals instant damage. The more combo points the higher the damage. Deadly Throw - An instant throw that slows the target by 50%. Rupture - Bleeds the target dealing damage over time. Each combo point makes it a longer duration and adds more damage. Poison I use: Crippling Poison Main Hand. (Offhand nothing because your offhand almost never hits). Step 3: Keybindings Now that you have your spells, you'll have to keybind to make it easier to PVP. In the beginning you have to get used to it but later on it makes you play better and react faster than clicking. Make use of Shift too. s-E for example = Shift-E. Make your keybindings close to where you put your hand on your keyboard, making it easier to reach the buttons. Here are my keybindings: Note: PLEASE do not use my keybindings if you do not like them. Use the ones you enjoy and use the ones that make you play better. Step 4: Tips 'n Tricks Amazing damage after Cheapshot or Garrote: When you open up with Cheapshot or Garrote you'll deal lots of more damage because of the Find Weakness talent. Making you ignore 70% of their armor! Garrote Trick: When you fight, you can use garrote. But most of the times people can react back because of your auto attack hitting too fast. The Garrote Trick is to give you more time after a garrote to use Dismantle or Cloak of Shadows etc. You use Garrote, and turn around so you don't auto attack. You'll have 3 seconds to do something before your garrote bleed ticks! I'm fighting people with better gear who kill me very fast! What to do?!: This is a little bit complicated but if you master this it'll be very useful. If they have stun gems, Do the garrote trick and use dismantle or cloak of shadows within the 3 seconds, Backstab and jump right away so they don't hit you with auto attack, shadowstep them and use hermorrhage and auto attack. He'll get confused like crazy! And if you keep running around him with auto attack he'll get crazy in his head. Here's a quick video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBMw_W2-m6M (Thanks for Exorcism with helping me with this video) (More Tips 'n Tricks in the future). I hope you liked my guide and I hope this will teach you a little bit on how to play as a rogue. Anything wrong or anything that I missed? Please tell me.
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    [READ] Account Sharing

    Hello players of IceCold-WoW. Lately, we've had a lot of players hacked. One of the players told me he shared his account with another player. Ways to get your account compromised: -Sharing Accounts -Logging into Public Computers -Short passwords -Setting password back to old passwords The only way YOUR account can be compromised is if YOU give out YOUR password. People in the past have offered VIP and they'd need your password to purchase it. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. They only want your account. Game Masters will never ask for your password. Do not give your password out to ANYONE. Do not share your account with anyone! Always keep your password a secret! I believe all of these recent hackings are due to players sharing account information with one another. Posted in the Announcements and General Chat so people will read this.
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