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    See you all in 2 months

    Welp, as the title says, I'll be offline for the next 2 months or so, so don't worry if I'm not online. I'll be back eventually though, so don't think I just quit IceCold. I'll be up north in Washington state, going to a program up there. If you know what I'm doing, then you're one of my close friends. If you don't, well, lets keep it that way. So yea, see you all in 2 months. Have fun without me.
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    IceCold Staff

    Staff list can be found HERE
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    [READ] Account Sharing

    Hello players of IceCold-WoW. Lately, we've had a lot of players hacked. One of the players told me he shared his account with another player. Ways to get your account compromised: -Sharing Accounts -Logging into Public Computers -Short passwords -Setting password back to old passwords The only way YOUR account can be compromised is if YOU give out YOUR password. People in the past have offered VIP and they'd need your password to purchase it. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. They only want your account. Game Masters will never ask for your password. Do not give your password out to ANYONE. Do not share your account with anyone! Always keep your password a secret! I believe all of these recent hackings are due to players sharing account information with one another. Posted in the Announcements and General Chat so people will read this.
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    New Realm!

    Well we decided to take down Screamer and think of new ideas, what we have come up so far is, to change it completely so its nothing like Reaper... E.G New custom gear, new dungeons, new malls, new quests, No max haste must be farmed/donate, new farmable gear, new zones... Have some really cool ideas? make a support ticket to the Admins and give them your ideas. Have fun now^^
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    Next Tournament: ??? Time: ??? Current Champions: Legions United Details of the Next Tournament to be released soon
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    In-game Tickets (Better Version)

    This is about In-game tickets and the correct way you should make them. The following reasons are ways GM's can not help you in your tickets. (They can still give a reason or a way you can be helped) 1: Banned Accounts 2: VIP Problems 3: Needing Ryan or Jordan 4: Problem not stated 5: Bad English 6: Rage Tickets 7: GM Disrespect 8: Player Reports (Needs to be posted in the correct section) 9: Asking them in world chat for them to answer your ticket 10: Help with Bosses or any kind of monsters in-game. 11: "I need help" Same as #4 12: Creating random tickets (Can be given Mute or Ban) The following reasons are ways GM's can help you in your tickets. 1: Problem Stated 2: Not bothering them about it. 3: Waiting your turn for your ticket to be answered 4: Cooperation with the Staff Member 5: Accept that if nothing can be done, then nothing can be done. 6: Respectful This is the way a ticket should be written (Example) Hello, My in-game name is Cole, I have a question about getting to the Ice Guardian, What do I do to get there? This is the wrong way a ticket is written (Example) Hi, my name Cole, I need help ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Be sure you follow this way, It makes it easier on GM's if they are pounded with dumb questions and tickets saying "I need help"
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    Do you understand forums?

    Okay so recently GMs keep locking threads because they think we just want our post count up and we should go message each other, Well it was in the General Chat section where we can talk about anything that comes to mind I'm pretty sure we're allowed to chat with each other, and about the Post count, I honestly don't give two faecess about it its just a number. You should let friends talk to each other in the forums instead of locking the topics, Honestly I might as well join another community if I'm not allowed to freely talk to people in threads on the forums here.
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    Well, due to using speed hacks I've been perma-banned. I bid everyone on Icecold-wow a farewell. It'll be tough getting the habit of checking the forums multiple times a day. But either way I did it well aware of the rules and repercussions. It was nice to get to know all of you, you guys have certainly changed who I am and have helped me grow. On a different note, the first one to message me with interest can get my VIP6 Paladin that has 5/8 Hoarders and 3/8 heroes. If anyone is interested in any of my other characters just let me know. Goodbye Icecold, thank you for letting me be apart of this wonderful server.
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    Launcher updated for 4.3.2

    The IceCold Launcher has been updated to include a 4.3.2 work-around. HOWEVER... It's quite an unstable fix and you may experience gameplay issues in some areas. If you did not update to 4.3.2 yet, please still do not do it. Because of this workaround's current instability, no support will be given for WoW Errors relating to the 4.3.2 patch. It's quite hit-and-miss and "just doesn't work" for some. ----- Failed to read file DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc error ----- If you get this, please disable all firewalls on your PC and router, and try the launcher again. Or you can whitelist the launcher and "IceCold.exe" if you know how. If it still happens even after disabling firewalls, there is nothing more we can suggest. Try the forums/other server forums/etc or do your own experiments and report what you find to others.
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    This is going to be a huge suggestion. Please read it fully and make sure you understand what should happen and when it should happen. Please give me constructive and negative criticism about this. I appreciate anyone who reads this and i'm hoping it supported! How to Support: Press the "Like" Button to support this realm to be added, if you don't support please comment why and I'll see what I can do to make it better. Instant 85 Realm There should be an instant 85 realm added to the server because we can attract more players. The servers can still contain VIP, Customs just like Reaper has, but some of the gear has to be downed a little so it doesn't look too overpowered. The Instant 85 realm will not have Max Haste, it will be just like retail only but will have a new mall, and be instant 85. I've played other server with instant 85 and they seem to rack in a bunch of players because the set up is nice. I think the setup would be simple just the only challenging thing is having new gear and customs and new people coming on to the server. It could be a slow process but it can be done very easy, more players like to play those kinds of servers and get gear in an easier way then just donating for it. Everyone has a chance to PvP instead of the constant complaints of vip's killing non-vip's or people that don't have gear getting killed all the time. The gear will be almost the same for everyone it would be just like retail gear, so everyone has a chance to PvP and not having constant complaints of "He has better gear then me." Donations can still be available but the gear will be different then reaper had the gear. Planning it out For the spawn it would be near shattrah city instead of deepholm, they will start out in a place where all of the welcome introductions are, how to get gear etc etc, they would then either go down an elevator or go into the main part were all of the vendors are. They can either sell PvP gear, or tier gear that players can buy with a starter gold amount of 2000+, instead having 0, then they can go buy the gear they need and then they can teleport to an arena and cast spells like normal retail, there will be no custom bosses unless added. Battlegrounds can work again and it would be equal to play because there are dozen of complaints about GM's going into battlegrounds and not being able to win. Everyone Wins! If you want to add more suggestions to this just comment and your suggestion will probably be added! Pictures: Map Location: Starting Area Mall Area Spawning Area (New Characters) The Spawning Area will contain informational NPCs, Mount Vendor, and a Teleporter Whole Look at the Spawning Area All NPCs will be removed in there and replaced with the ones that need to be added The Mall (Short Walk) It's just straight ahead! There will be all kinds of vendors that will sell you gear! A look at the inside of the mall Will be surrounded by many NPCs that sell gear, items and things you need to survive in the server. Whole look of the mall
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    Error 132, Patch 5.0 Solution

    Our IceCold Launcher has been updated today. An important new feature allows you to overcome any problems or errors on your WoW install. If you have upgraded to Patch 5.0 or have a corrupted install, or just need to re-install WoW, this is the solution for you! There is a new button on the launcher: Click it if you wish to install (or re-install) a fresh Cataclysm game in the folder that the Ice Launcher is in. It takes no more than 10 minutes and you'll be up and running in no time! NOTE: After the install process, in-game may be very slow or missing/loading content. To speed this up, close the game and run Repair.exe before using it again.
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    Transfer D:::::!!!!

    Will someone please get me a $10 voucher or an unused vip gear xfer code please! i promise ill pay you back. just inbox me with one if you are willing to give me one.. thankks :)
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    Has Paladin nerfed to hard ?

    Hey guys, I dont want to complain about the paladin nerf I just want to know how it looks in your eyes. So just leave your command and vote for it. (In my opinion he was nerfed a bit to much) -Tuff
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    IceCold-WoW Changes?

    Hello everyone, Myself and Ryan is aware that IceCold-WoWs population is dropping fast. There is a few reasons why this has happened... 1. Retail WoW released a new expansion which did get back many of their players. 2. People have trouble logging into Ice now that they are up to date with Retail WoW. 3. Ice has not had any major updates as in content in a long time so players have got bored and left. 4. Maybe some people didn't like the Stat slash which had to be done? . Well myself and Ryan have started work on Reaper, we hope to have a lot of new content like new areas e.g new malls, new instances, new arenas, new quest zones. New gear/weapons , new interesting quests, new bosses with good drops and fair drop rates ect. We hope all these changes that will in time to come, help increase IceCold-WoWs population and get it back on track. We thank everyone who has stuck with Ice and that hasn't quit over any of the above reasons. -Jordan
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    Do ett nao

    Somone should really buy my shammy xD hes only 15 dollars and has fotb with full divine now buy him now and I'll give you one hug! ONLY ONE!!!!!!!!!
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    [29/02/2012] 4.3.3 Launcher Updated

    We have re-updated our 4.3.2 launcher to work better on more game installs. It may still have some UI glitches and stuff like that, but nothing to stop you playing the game itself :) To update, just open the Ice Launcher and it will ask you to update. Accept and let it update. FIXING ERROR #134 If you get Error #134 when starting the game, you need to download these two files: http://www.icecold-w...ds/432/WoW.mfil http://www.icecold-w...0C7C086FDF.mfil Put them in your WoW 4.3.2 game folder and re-use the Ice Launcher
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    Hello, I'm trading a VIP3 Paladin for a Frostmourne of the Beast.
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    im back

    hey guys its roxy havnt been on in a very long time so yh im back
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    how come dev applications are just ignored? Lol
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    You probably already know me understand one of these names because of the custom weapon I had ^^ Just wanted to make a thread to say that I'm back :)
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    Account for Sale.

    I am selling a VIP 7, a VIP 2 with a VIP 7 Axe, and Two Frostmourne's of the Beast. Also I have a Frostmourne of the beast on a warrior and a VIP 6. I'm looking around $300 for the account, and it must be through Paypal. I'm tired of the GM's around here, and how they treat the ****ing players. I am done. I am tired of being banned. **** this. PM me.
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    Server is faeces

    Just kidding, this server is the best... Hope to see everyone online!
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    Time to say goodbye...

    Well guys, it's been a great few years at Ice, but it's time to go.. Getting my License this week, and won't be on anymore.. Hoping to come back someday.. Just wanted to say, it's been great here, everyone has been so nice. I've ran into problems with people, and I hope they can forgive me sometime. Also I wanna give a huge thanks to all of the people that have helped me through things and have been my friends forever now.. will never forget you guys. As for my accounts, you won't be getting them, so don't ask. I'll be on skype, @Friends if you need me. Thanks, Hope to see you guys sometime. Peace.. - Cole
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    Congratulations Dazanley on becoming part of the staff!!!
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    Love you Pica

    This isn't about World of Warcraft but I just want some of my friends to know... My dog Peca, She was 14 and a half which is 90 - 100 years in dog years. It was the time for her to go, We took her around the block and gave her food because it was only a week until she left us. We took her to the vet and a needle approached a beautiful Golden Retriever and went into her leg. The medicine from the needle went straight to her heart and stopped her breathing milliseconds later her heart stopped. After that she laid there not moving with her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes just open a bit so you can see them. After that we left with an empty van, Nothing moving around in the back or scratching the door to get out. Poor Peca kept trying to escape the room, She new it was going to be the last needle she would ever had. We are at home, Vacummed all the hair up from Peca. We had to let her go because she would pee everywhere and couldn't get up because she is getting to old. Her hair changed colour because she lays in it for hours. I couldn't resist the tears when I saw my dog all of a sudden slowly fall over and didn't move after. Her belly stopped moving and her eyes didn't shut. Luckily one of the vets slowly held her so she didn't just fall over. The vet helped her lay down... Even though she was already going to heaven. I kissed her on the head and wished she had a good life with my other dog, Coca. God Bless You Peca. Amen. *A tear rolls down my cheek as I write this last sentence."
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    Stuff Players Say

    Alright let's go ahead and get this started, this is about faeces the ****ing idiots on Icecold say! i'll start "Noob VIP"
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    Have an Idea for Ice!?

    Hello everyone!, I am posting this to try get anyone out there who plays IceCold-WoW and that would love something on Ice to change in-game to post all Ideas here to us Admins. All ideas will be discussed on this topic. -Jordan
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    1v1 Event.

    Hello, it's me Kirigaya; Today at 5:00 PM server time I plan on hosting a 1v1 PvP event. The rewards for this event are 20 IceGold Bars for the first place winner, and 10 IceGold Bars for the second place winner. The Rules: 1) No PvP unless it's your turn to fight. You will get 3 warnings before being disqualified from this 1v1 event. 2) Be respectful, there's no need to go off on another player for beating you, nor is there any reason to flip out due to outside interference. If there is outside interference it will be dealt with. 3) Do not argue the rules, if you find a rule unfair, and you wish to state it; make sure you have evidence that it is unfair. If you're just arguing the rules because you enjoy ruining things for others then you'll be disqualified. 4) No Hoarders or Heroes is permitted; If you're caught using any hoarders or heroes you'll have one rematch, if you once again use them. You'll be disqualified. 5) If you have a voted Frostmourne, and you do not have more than 650k hp with it, you may use it. However, if it is a bought Frostmourne of any sort it cannot be used. When I say Frostmourne I mean the Frostmourne of the Beast, Brutal Longbow of the Destroyer, Vicious Dagger of the Assassin, and Longstaff of the Ancient Spellweaver. Again, you may only use ONE VOTED frostmourne. 6) VIP1 is allowed, if a majority of the competitors have 600k, VIP2 is also allowed. This will take place in Circle of Blood arena with me Kirigaya as the host. The minimum players necessary to start this event is 10 players. Any GM support would be very appreciated Hope to see you there!.
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    Some people have been wondering why i never do Deathwing... Well ever since along time ago i've been Glitched....... Every faking time i do DW HE LOOKS LIKE PUPPY AND IT HAUNTS MEH DREAMS I TELL YOU! ITS JUST PUPPY WITH 150M HEALTH ATTACKING ME! That is why i never do Dw >.> Proof: http://prntscr.com/1rqpiv
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    Cookies vs. Hotdogs

    If you pick cookie I will love you, and if you pick hotdog. I ****ING HATE YOU
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    Cya Guys and Girls!

    Alright, i want to make that as short as possible because my grammar sucks pretty hard and more words are more mistakes. All i wanted to say that i will quit Icecold-Wow. I want to thank all of you for the great time i had there and for the funny moments. I also want to thank Staff team which supported Icecold that its like it is now. If you want to know why i quit? 1. I got a huge amount of lags and high ms. 2. I will start to play different games and move to retail if you want to know something from me or ask me something im online every day. Just conatct me over skype which i linked on my profile. Peace out and i hope you got as much fun as i had on Icecold-wow. (Sometimes im online for like 15 minutes) :D
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    Help me out!

    Alright so I'm wondering if there's some sort of free photoshop program out there. I would rather not have to pay for photoshop but I would like to do what the program allows. So does anyone either know how to get a free version, or another program very similar to it that happens to be free?
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    Leaving for a while.

    This ain't a sad topic! I'm just leaving for a while because today at 1:00 I'm going on my vacation!! My route is to go to Romania. But I live in Ireland. And the route is gonna be the following: Ireland-Ferry-England-Ferry-France-Germany-Austria-Bulgaria-Romania. It will take me like 3 days to do that route. So.. I will be online til when I'm going so we can have fun! BYE!
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    If you want this idiot off Ice, please say "signed" I don't care if you don't want her off ice, so save your comment. I'll be the first! :D Signed
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    Ok, i'm stuck here and need some help. I'm going to get VIP 3 soon but I don't know what to get it on, I was gonna get it on my rogue because I enjoy rogue a lot but a friend said that It would be better to get it on a Paladin or Priest. So I really don't know what to do, what's the best choice? Cheers. ~Recons
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    Welcome guys and girls to this topic, First at all i want to make something clear. This post isnt about icecold-wow or anything. But i want to post that, because i wanted to show you what this guy just did. I guess the most of you know the Game "League Of Legends", and also a few of you might know SivHD. Well and there the story goes on, I watched a few Videos on Youtube when i found the one which im gonna link below. This link goes about the "Save The Children" project between and with Gamers, And shows a guy named SivHD making money for it. I think the most of you think this topic is boring, but for me its just amazing and insane the same time what he just did in a 12 hour Lifestream. Well here is the video, i would like to talk to you guys in the comments about this. And as always, im sorry if i made mistakes in this little text.
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    Error ?!?!

    First of all, hi everyone. My in-game name is Sorrowfang. I have a problem. Whenever I log on that character... I get errors. Whenever I go to the spawn I get errors. Have tried downloading those files that help with the errors, but still nothing. Help me please.
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    i have error 134

    guys i have error 134 even though i downloaded the 2 files why anyone can help me?? i have wow version 4.0.6
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    So I've Been Thinking...

    What I hope to achieve with this is the possibility of hosting more events. New Maze is still not in (as of July 16th), Stairs need a recreation of its former self, and well Trivia is getting repetitive. While PvP Tournaments are a new thing to IceCold, and were somewhat of a success, It's time to test more stuff.
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    Re-Vote Stater Gear vs Farmed Gear

    Alright, so there has been tons of arguing, of why starter gear shouldn't be in the tournament. So I say let's revote, and to the people who voted starter gear, please go register in the tournament since you want it so damn bad. To Diego or any GM, Don't close this, we are in general discussion so it is allowed. VOTE NOW!
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    Icecold-WoW Awards!

    This is all for jokes. Most Annoying/Retarded/Whore Poster Award.. Obexboy (Lolbanned) #Always #Wins #This #Award Grats. The person that won't give me my vip 7 and hates me award Ryan (woohoo)(sarcastic voice) Prettiest Girlfriend DEWWICK Icecold's OFFICIAL GM Wannabe Award Mouse123 Grats Icecold's Bad Asses.. Ryan, Tirionl, Chrono, Artema, Mitchell, Era, Puppy, Puffin, Knee! Icecold's Annoying Kid! Chipmunk or Obexboy.. (Tie) The Gay kid Who dated another guy! The one and only, ADAM! The Newfag GM! The quitter and the one who completely disappeared! (Lolquit/Ragequit) #NOGM Vbyo!
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    Derrick is high

    He high as faeces. REC - Derrick ( 25-07-2013 04h 43m 06s).wav
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    Rate the avatar above you!

    I saw this on other forums so I decided to do it here aswell. Ok so these are the rules. You rate the avatar above you. Like the lil' pic.You aren't allowed to double post. Like this: (me) 2/10 (him) 5/10 (not me) ... You get it? You have to wait for two persons to post then you can post. So let this start. Signature's can be rated too.
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    Post your favorite Song/Song's

    Here is mine! Enjoy!
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    Yes, there is a VIP 7 Giveaway View: Here For more rules..
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    What's Your country ? :P

    Hey guys Just a small question what is your language, where you live or where you come from? I just wanted to know the proportion of the Different nations. So well just do a command with your language or where you live :P -Tuffi
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    I'm back.

    Heya guys! Guess what. Milaria's back! I don't know why I left such a good server but.. meh.. Let's go past this thing. I'm sad now because my characters got deleted... And is there anyway to restore them? I think the server deleted all the characters that haven't been on for a while.. Well...that's sad. If I could get any help that would be excellent. Thanks! -Milaria
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    Hello! I'm wondering if anyone knows and good screen recording software! I know of fraps but that's it. I would like more! I want to start posting youtube videos of this server. Also, I would like this software to be able to be used to stream if possible. Thanks! P.S.~ I would prefer if they're cheap or free. I'm not afraid to spend a little money if they're worth it.
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    People are saying in-game, "Why's voting not working anymore" etc, one main reason is Add-on that your downloading to Google chrome, Safari and any other web launcher, away to solve this is by opening "Internet Explorer". This is one of the more stable internet surfer(s) and will not download ANY Add-On without your permission. This will make you eligible to vote. -Rowlett / Solar
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