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Getting started after registering

Step 1: Make sure your game version is right

To play, you MUST be on 4.0.6 or higher. If you are on 4.0.6 or higher, do not read the rest of this step, go on to step 2. If your are on earlier than 4.0.6, please upgrade it.

Step 2: Download our Launcher

You must download our special launcher to play. Get it here. Once you have downloaded "IceColdLauncher.exe", move it into your game folder.

Step 3: Play

Open the Launcher file, and click "Play". Login with the details you created in step 1, and enjoy smile.gif

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I have tried to get on your server but it tell me to restart and patch. I am updated to the newest patch and it still just takes me to the servers that I have for the paid subscription. Any ide on what to do will help. Thank you.

instead of putting your e-mail where it says e-mail put your username. That's what worked for me.

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I have downloaded and installed the launcher and i have placed it into my WoW folder as instructed, however i get a message pop up when i double click the launcher: Failed to initialize WoW.mfil and then a bunch of details... Am i putting the launcher in the correct place inside my wow directory or does it have to go into a specific section? Thanks

The same what to do? -.-

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hello there .
when i use my email it will show me this message .and when i try my username like test123 it say  disconnected from server .
im sure i have 4.3.4 .bcuz i test it on another server's .
anyone can help me ?


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