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You know that feel when you're online, all alone, for hours, and you only have the RELENTLESS NPCS IN THE ARENA SHOUTING AT YOU TO LOOK AT THEIR ****ING WARES OR faeces to talk to, and then just something starts ticking in your head? You start  talking to the NPC, feeling their life struggles. Y'know? It ain't easy sitting there being named Snagledick screaming from the bottom of your lungs faeces nobody cares about.

And then, you see it. That conveniently placed corpse just laying there, all naked n stuff. Conversing with the parrot NPC just doesn't satisfy anymore - you just confessed your pedophilic homosexual scat loving habits to him and he repeats for the 2031st time how he can give you just the sword you need - presumably to kill yourself. But that corpse, it looks like it genuinely cares about your feelings. And then it just... happens.


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