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  4. I'm actually quite surprised that you're still on here, not sure if you remember me though
    It's been quite a few years after all

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  6. Tent

    Worst Dungeon

    Hi, thank you for your feedback, and sorry for the late reply. I'll have one of our devs look into it.
  7. Carmen

    Worst Dungeon

    Plus with only lotted 5 to 7 mobs Spawning there total, even exiting the place doesn't bring them back any sooner. So your just tossed about and if you survive,"Kudos to You". Very Disheartening...............................................................................
  8. I'm not liking Blackfathom Depths Material Drop rate compared to needed amount for total upgrade. Averaging 4 or 5 Mats per mob and need total 3280 for upgrade, I shall camp or just retire there. I thought Stonecore was bad but I'd take Stonecore over Blackfathom any day!
  9. tysondra

    Realm information

    i dont login in the game
  10. CJB

    Password help

    I have forgotten my Password or something can you refresh my memory please. Didn't I have more than 2 toons ? I had put some money in a couple of them, its not life or death.
  11. Kanefever

    Most Liked

    I miss logging on everyday, sniping bitches in the arena, raging cause I was getting camped by soatts , D/R in /s /o , farming faeces, avicii levels playing randomly, getting reported and doing the reports. Ryan and jordan are goats for creating this server. maaaaaaaaaaan. If I could go back. Icecold was really a foundation of PC gaming for me. faeces changed my life and I'm glad to have met each and everyone on it, whether we were beefing with each other or not. It was all apart of the experience. Ok enough sappy ass ranting time to go to work.
  12. Kanefever

    Most Liked

    Man I love you for this wraithypoo (no homo) i come back to ice from time to time, to see what's up , and to see this literally made my day. I hope we can go back to the golden age once more, but alas. . its as huey from the boondocks said "hope is irrational". Hope everyone is doing good though, stay safe, and wear your ****ing mask. Also Nerf INC forever, even tho they switched up on me that one time.
  13. Enjoying the good old days farming necrotic runes haha

  14. Awesome work, keep it up πŸ™‚ Excited to see what VIP dungeon will bring when that rolls around πŸ˜‰
  15. Hello Eternian, I am happy to announce the dungeon revamp has been released! Here is a basic outline of what will change: The following dungeons have been completely re-balanced: Forge of Souls Dragonmaw Hold Halls of Origination Shadowfang Keep Halls of Lightning Stratholme Hellfire Ramparts Stonecore Blackfathom Deeps The Botanica Icecrown Citadel Bastion of Twilight Grim Batol Some gear changes have also been made: Ice Warden and Glacial sets now show current and total upgrades. As mentioned in a previous announcement, Ice Warden 6+ is no longer obtainable. Players will be able to upgrade their old IW gear into Glacial with no requirement cost. Frozen Weapon upgrades have been replaced with the Bastion of Twilight weapons in the same fashion. Glacial upgrades now start in Stratholme. This is to spread out the Bastion of Twilight upgrades and help players get started faster. Upgrade requirements for Ice Warden and Glacial sets updated. Upgrade requirements for IW weapons updated. Proper upgrades for wands added. Fixed some stat errors.
  16. Yeah still kickin' around! I come back every year or two just to see whats new. Honestly that dungeon makes so much sense for that type of follow-up Diablo dungeon. Looking forward to seeing this stuff come to life!
  17. Glad to see you're still around. We really couldn't have picked a better dungeon for it.
  18. Good to see new content since I last played, and glad you guys are still creating new things. That Vortex Pinnacle addition to my original DoH dungeon is such a good idea!
  19. Did you download launcher an put it inside a fresh new folder?
  20. So I'm seeing the same error happening to people from 2 years ago and nobody has given a proper answer?
  21. jboley

    Most Liked

    who will win?
  22. Looking good as usual, I got faith in you guys.
  23. Dear IceCold community, We have been pretty quiet on what will be happening to the realm when it comes to new content. I just wanted to assure any concerned players that development is still ongoing. I will admit it is fairly slow due to real world events having an impact on manpower, I am still putting in time whenever possible. Sorry we've been so quiet... So, what's happening to Eernian? When will new content come out? Our main focus right now is getting the dungeon work we promised would come after the gear changes finished, this is almost done. All that's left is to finish up Bastion of Twilight balance and move on to Grim Batol, as well as testing for any bugged upgrades. The goal of the dungeon revamp is to rework all of the main IW/Glacial dungeons to be more solo friendly, in order to achieve this we are significantly reducing the health and damage values for each dungeon, and changing when players obtain the base Glacial set. Glacial gear will now be obtained in Stratholme. This will allow new characters to get started faster and solve the main issue in Bastion of Twilight by spreading out the upgrades. Players with Ice Warden VI-X gear will be able to replace their old gear with Glacial via item upgrade. I can't say exactly when the dungeon rework will go live as I said things are slow, I'll make sure to let everyone know when we get closer to a release. We have two new special dungeons planned, Vortex Pinnacle and Gruul's Lair (VIP) Vortex Pinnacle will be Diablo themed much like our custom Ragefire Chasm dungeon, only this time it will be based on a demonic invasion of the high heavens. It will contain upgrades for DoH items, and a Tabard upgrade. This will likely come out some time after the dungeon rework. Gruul's Lair is still in planning, we're not 100% sure about the details yet, just that it will have some form of special VIP only gear. Some smaller things are also in the works. new mall, world boss changes, and maybe a rework to our Renown system which will be discussed at a later date.
  24. hi im new here. Im having issues logging into the game.. says it cant validate my game version? anything i can do?
  25. Stevo27

    Hi im new

    hi im new here. Im having issues logging into the game.. says it cant validate my game version? anything i can do?
  26. hola buenas quisiera saber sobre el wow icecold como puedo jugarlo ya descargue el laucher pero no eh podido jugar hasta hora en el wow
  27. Every time I log in it freezes on 'connecting', and after a while it goes to 'disconnected'. Is the server down or something? I reinstalled the game but that didn't work.
  28. Hello there, old player Paladinoso here πŸ™‚ Are there still people around whom are playing on this server? Really miss the pvp in the arena 😞
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